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I was born in Sussex in 1951 but have lived in the West of England for most of my life, drawing inspiration from its woods, hedgerows, hills, rivers and springs and sacred sites. I am an environmentalist as well as a spellcaster – and passionate about the landscapes of Britain.

As a child, I liked to explore the countryside, to ride horses and to write poems and stories. And I did all the usual teenage things – parties, pop music, boyfriends and so on. In adult life, I fell in love a lot, had two children, and continued exploring the countryside. I now live in Somerset with Ashley, my husband and magical partner.

I am a fey type by nature, unworldly, naturally psychic and visionary – which has sometimes annoyed more conventional types! At the age of sixteen, I made a vow to live my whole life as a magical quest. (With hindsight, I think that was redundant as I would never have lived any other kind of life anyway!) When I was in my twenties, I discovered witchcraft, Paganism and faerie lore and it felt like coming home. I now feel that these rich and archetypal themes contain ideas that are the birth right of all people, reconnecting us with a sentient Earth and with the natural magic that is a hidden aspect of life, whether we call ourselves Pagan and practice spell-casting or not. These things are our heritage and at their best can help us sense the poetic and deeply spiritual meaning within the natural world and potentially mend the perceived rift between humankind and Nature.

I have written many magical poems and spells as well as (so far) seven books. I have also worked as a psychic counsellor and tarot reader and given talks on hedge witchcraft and allied subjects.

In the future, I hope to ……..find the Well at the World’s End and bring back water from it to  help heal us all……..explore magic further and deeper (a process that feels more like remembering than discovering), cast many more healing spells and write more books.      



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